I travel the world with my microphone to collect stories, experiences and specific solutions, all centred around the question ‘How can we keep metropolitan areas accessible in a sustainable way?’.

I make special podcast series for companies and governmental institutions and I am part of the Expert Podcast Network of Business News Radio (BNR) in Amsterdam.


Professor of Public Transport Graham Currie on Change

“Change never really happens that quickly, however if you were to take a ten year perspective on your life and look at what changed in that period, you would be pretty amazed about how much has occurred.” Graham Currie, Professor of Public Transport at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) speaks with Geert Kloppenburg about how we can bridge the gap between university and industry, why it is so hard to change the mobility industry, and why driverless cars are not the change that we are looking for.

World Transit Group Clearinghouse website: https://www.worldtransitresearch.info/
Public Transit Research Group website: http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/

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Kent Lundberg on Access for Everyone in Auckland

“What would it mean, if we actually treated pedestrians as we did motorways?” Urban planner Kent Lundberg (MRCagney) in conversation with Geert Kloppenburg and Chris Bruntlett (Dutch Cycling Embassy) on Auckland’s city center masterplan ‘Access for Everyone’ and more.

For more information on A4E: https://www.aucklandccmp.co.nz/

This episode is a collaboration with the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

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Cycling through Paris with the Deputy Mayor of Paris, Christophe Najdovski

‘Banning cars in Parisian tunnels to make way for cyclists, a miracle?’ In this podcast, I cycle through Paris with Christophe Najdovski, the deputy mayor, to get at street level view of what Paris is doing making and why they are making this massive change.
(To not only listen, but also see how we cycle through Paris, go to www.geertkloppenburg.nl/visuals)

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