I travel the world with my microphone to collect stories, experiences and specific solutions, all centred around the question ‘How can we keep metropolitan areas accessible in a sustainable way?’.

I make special podcast series for companies and governmental institutions and I am part of the Expert Podcast Network of Business News Radio (BNR) in Amsterdam.


Professor of Public Transport Graham Currie on Change

“Change never really happens that quickly, however if you were to take a ten year perspective on your life and look at what changed in that period, you would be pretty amazed at how much had occurred.” Graham Currie, Professor of Public Transport at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) speaks with Geert Kloppenburg about how we can bridge the gap between university and industry, why it is so hard to change the mobility industry, and why driverless cars are not the change that we are looking for.

World Transit Group Clearinghouse website: https://www.worldtransitresearch.info/
Public Transit Research Group website: http://publictransportresearchgroup.info/

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In gesprek met Pier Eringa directeur Prorail

De crux vraag komt in laatste stuk van t gesprek tijdens het world metro congres in Bilbao: de rentabiliteit van t Nederlandse spoor moet echt omhoog, maar hoe? Reis je mee met Pier Eringa directeur Prorail en luister naar openhartige gesprek?

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In gesprek met ondernemer Robbert Lohmann 2getthere

Vanaf metrohalte Rotterdam Kralingse Zoom, gaan straks zelfrijdende elektrische shuttles  ook door het gewone verkeer rijden. Aan het woord Robbert Lohmann die als pionier en ondernemer boeiend vertelt over 15 jaar ervaring met zelfrijdende shuttles in de praktijk.

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